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Automatic Car Wash

Convenience with amazing results!



Our automatic wash is like no other, we have two T700 machines that scan your vehicle so that it can notice when you have a truck rack and wash over it. This modern car wash offers a hybrid soft touch wash which includes a soft-touch buff & polish upgrade. It uses a soft touch closed cell foam to buff, so no worries about scratching as nothing can stick to the closed cell foam. The results of this automatic will knock your socks off! 



Our Automatic wash offers 2 types of touchless wash options and 2 types of Hybrid Soft Touch Wash options. 


Some of the options included are: 

High-Pressure Undercarriage

High-Pressure Wheel/Tire

Double Pre-Soak

Power Foam

Lava Foam Rain

Full Body Touchless

Double Touchless Side Panels

Soft-Touch Buff Upgrade

Soft-Touch Polish Upgrade

Carnauba Brilliant Wax Shine

Spot-Free Rinse

Drying Agent/Wax Coat

Air Dryer

new price.PNG
Image by Julian Hochgesang


Stop by and try our automatic wash and see the results for yourself! 

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